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In Praise of Hackathons in a Longevity Market.

What do you get when you stir technology, research and innovation with a splash of financial incentive, slices of real-time networking and collaboration, and a shot at recognition – all to the purpose of advancing a healthier, active and resilient aging population? Optimism. Two events that caught my eye recently, exemplify this very cocktail endeavour.

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Demographic Change: In the Overlay of Global Factors

Given the seriousness of current world events, and the many ongoing pressing issues like climate change, being discussed by world leaders at major summits this November, from Antalya to Paris and other cities, it seems right now somewhat of lesser concern to be talking about the subject of global aging demographics and longevity patterns. Yet,

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Population Aging: Cost or Investment?

Interesting that when we talk about repairing Canada’s aging infrastructure – roads, bridges, water or sanitation systems and so on, the pitch leads with the word investment. In fact, the recent federal Liberal Party smartly threaded their campaign platform for “Real Change” with that word – investment. Curiously as an aside, I often wonder what

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Canadian Collaborations for an Aging World

In these times we live in, every economic and social development model is rooted in the word innovation; and collaboration is the soil of success. Collaborations are everything; open source, crowd funded, co-financed, grounded locally or connected globally. This is truly alive in the business of aging or the “longevity economy” as I refer to

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