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Age Out OR Sell Out? – Part 2

Waves of retirements of small business owners is set to expose our economy to yet another risk. Ownership succession planning is apparently sadly lacking. Since this CIBC World Markets report I’ve read others which highlight the same dilemma, and it … Continue reading

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Age Out OR Sell Out? – Part 1

So do entrepreneurs really retire? Or do they drop dead in the middle of making another business deal? If you’re over 55 and you own a small business, do you “age out or sell out?” CIBC World Markets unveils today, … Continue reading

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Seniors Care: One More Spend on Innovation

Innovation is the single 2012 word that underpins almost every considered view of how we’re going to grow our economy and evolve our social condition in these early, exciting yet frail decades of this new century. How lofty is that … Continue reading

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“Give Age A Chance”

If John Lennon was alive today at age 72, he might be recording another anthem to bring us along together from the Montreal bed-in of 1969. …“Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ‘bout sexism, racism, terrorism, social-mediaism, ageism, This-ism, That-ism, ism-ism… All we are … Continue reading

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