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Financing Longevity:Pooled Pension Plans

At the October 2010 Retirement Planning Association of Canada (RPAC) conference I co-chaired in Toronto, the agenda was centered around Reframing Retirement & Longevity Issues  in 21st Century Canada. Of course one of the main streams of conversation was financial … Continue reading

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Start a Business:At Any Age?

Continuing from last week’s blog posting, we’re celebrating Small Business Week in Canada right now and further to the question, “is there a right time to start a business?” – comes the other question, “is there a right age to … Continue reading

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Small Business Week 2011-Canada

Across Canada Oct.16 – 22, a host of events is scheduled to celebrate and inform Small to Medium Business people and to showcase entrepreneurial contributions made to the economy by thousands of Canadians. What shouldn’t go under appreciated, are the … Continue reading

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Calling All Generations:We Can Work it Out!

We seem to be in a tight cramp right now. An aging population that some say are soon to become a financial burden on younger generations, and a mounting high youth unemployment rate, (by varying degrees in many countries); raising the … Continue reading

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