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Communal Housing:Scenario in the Americas

Scenario in the Americas. While there might be something to be said for a troupe of 60 or 70 something’s living in a “retirement resort” removed from urban centres, sharing common social values and activities; from what I’ve seen that … Continue reading

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Forms of Communal Living:Ages & Stages

For a couple of decades, I’ve had recurring conversations about how, through our progression of ages and stages into later life, our concepts for living arrangements might be re-envisioned. This always led straight to explore variations on forms of communal … Continue reading

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Health Spending:Ontario Agenda for Change

Allow me to be provincial for a blog moment. The 2011 Ontario election race is in full swing. Out of the gate, the Ontario PC party delivered a mail drop postcard – “taking health care in Ontario to the top … Continue reading

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Probing Possibilities – “Groping in the Dark”

When facilitating people in the design their later life career plans, one of the challenges is to help people probe the possibilities without necessarily having all the answers. If you are going to live longer, then your career path may … Continue reading

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