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Theodore Roszak: Nov.1933–July 2011

“Age is often wasted on the old. If the truth be told” said Theodore Roszak in his 2001 book Longevity Revolution “As Boomers Become Elders”. Here he kicked off the 21st century longevity discussion which has since been followed by … Continue reading

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Intergenerational Equity–the trust is in all our hands.

Intergenerational Equity. How’s that for modern context? Actually the concept was born over thirty five years ago. Though it largely relates to terms of economics, it also considers social, political and environmental – “preserving the world’s resources in trust for … Continue reading

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Housing for the Over 50’s. Home Sweet Home.

Housing for the Over 50’s – a growing North American business proposition for retirement living developers, architects and designers of interior spaces, home care providers and builders of personal care homes. It’s one we should pay attention to if we … Continue reading

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Active Aging and SLOW.

Proponents of anti-aging talk of “slowing down the aging process” which is somewhat in simpatico with the active aging movement. Keep the body fit, bend your brain, eat right, test the miracle drug and cream care your skin. Here’s another … Continue reading

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