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Boomer Marketing– a 21st Century Overdose?

During the early 90’s in my Retail industry work, I booked exhibits at consumer shows targeted to the “Seniors” market. This was well ahead of the Boomer demographic curve now in full swing. (People who attended those shows are mostly … Continue reading

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A Response to Retiring In Debt.

A response to blog post May 17 (“Vermeer’s Case for Financial Literacy”) from one of my colleagues Marie Howes, Certified Financial Planner. The item mentioned was the recently released report by Statistics Canada’s about Canadians retiring in debt. Opining … Continue reading

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The Frail Old Taking A Bitter Pill.

The October 2010 conference I mentioned in blog post May 31, was for the annual Retirement Planners Association of Canada The panel session I moderated, followed a presentation by one of the panelists – Dr. John Sloan, MD. On … Continue reading

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Intergenerational Learning Lives. Stop the Squawk.

The squawk about the differences between “generations in the workplace” is running out of sound bytes.  How we learn, how we do or don’t get technology – the more we make of this trivia the more stuck we get. Going … Continue reading

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