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Older Worker Wage Insurance:Part 1

What sort of imagination and self-assessment does it take for someone over age 45 to re-invent themselves without wage insurance to further subsidise job loss? The category of “older worker” has been on the public policy file for so long, … Continue reading

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Aging at Home Strategy:Part 1

When is it best to be proactive about your own “aging at home” strategy? When it’s beyond your control or when the thought first filters prominently through your brain? If you’ve faced this question with an aging parent, then you … Continue reading

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Dream Rangers on the Longevity Highway!

Much of the aging lifestyle advertising out there now, doesn’t always get around to telling a good story about our attitudes towards aging. More often for example, with  financial related products, the people featured in the ads targeted at an … Continue reading

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Generations, Collide or Collaborate?

At the family level between parents, children and grandchildren, generational interaction can really work. When you celebrate a birthday for a 90 year old grandmother, it’s not unheard of now, that four generations of mothers and daughters gather in one … Continue reading

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