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Financial Planners Awake!

Awake Certified Financial Planners! The time is here to rethink the whole conversation on financial planning for retirement. It’s time to start calling it what it really is when you work with your clients. In modern reality it’s about longevity … Continue reading

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Home Care & a Declaration of Independence

When you are older, – what are your choices for aging at home; at the point where mobility becomes an issue and perhaps your overall health condition has become a major factor in determining your very “declaration of independence”. As … Continue reading

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A New Work Mythology!

Where goes the aging workforce? Is it as if there is a cliff just beyond the foreseeable horizon, where legions of aging workers suddenly drop away? Public news headlines and discussions in the field of human resources have been talking … Continue reading

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Anti-aging, Active Aging and all Fountains of Youth.

Diets. Drugs. Supplements. Surgeries. Lotions and Potions. We don’t seem to be afraid of dying – but aging, that’s another matter. Anti-aging has become a big business and we start the process maybe around age 40, picking up that protest … Continue reading

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Envision the Promise

What is the “promise” of longevity? In the 21st century we are for the first time in our world history, experiencing the reality of people living an extended lifetime. Opportunities and challenges await us. Social issues like pension reform, health … Continue reading

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