Change Rangers is now an Associate Member and 2021 Conference Partner of the International Federation on Ageing.

15th Global Conference - Niagara Falls, Canada Nov.10-12, 2021

Age Inclusive Communities

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2007 presented its Age-Friendly Cities Guide, now a global movement - an Age-Friendly World. It is primarily about developing strategies to incorporate the life needs of an older population within the community.

In future, if input beyond current older populations is to be encouraged, a more appropriate term is Age Inclusive. The evolution of community is every generation’s project.

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Global Longevity Narratives

Aging demographics have varying influences on social structures and business markets around the world. Opportunity or challenge, we face a future where the potential for society, with increased life expectancy, is greater than at any time in human history.

Longevity in this context becomes an inter-generational matter. We all have a vested interest in shaping changes to social policy related to such matters as pension reform, health care, home care & life-long learning.

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Technology & Aging Horizons

In the expansive world of a Longevity Economy, many business sectors are marketing specific products and services largely identifiable to segments of a diverse older adult population.

Gerontechnology is one of the most significant areas of work where so much product research & development is on fast forward. This is a new horizon where technology is at an intersection with aging and longevity to help older adults stay engaged and live healthier lives.

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Summer Shorts 45 – Portraits and Ageing. Discovering Maggi Hambling.

In my first blog review/discussion this April of the new 2020 book Literature and Ageing, I noted the beautifully arresting front cover image, Self Portrait by British artist Maggi Hambling. Until then, sadly I had not heard of Hambling, and I mused that I might do a future, feature post about her. So here it is, one of

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Summer Shorts 44 – A Stitched Encore, From An Occupational Therapist Artist

In July 2012, I started some quick blog musings for the lazy, hazy days of summer. I call them “Summer Shorts”. To start this year, I return to one short from 2017, which featured the amazing stitched drawings of the UK artist and former occupational therapist, Georgie Meadows. But, why the jars? Drawn from personal experiences of

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Summer Reads: Booking Up on Ageing & Longevity.

For this my fourth year heading into the summer months, where reading has a different feel or mental stimulus (at least for me), than reading in the winter does – I present here my suggested titles for “booking up” in the subject area of ageing and longevity. These will be new reads I look forward

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AGE-WELL: Leading Canada’s Future of Age Tech

If there is one organization that leads (or, arguably owns) the narrative on the future of technology and aging in Canada, it is AGE-WELL. As it entered its second phase of funding in 2020 as one of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE), I continued to follow its success story which started in 2015. And throughout

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A Look at Literature and Ageing – Part 2

Active. Healthy. Positive. Productive. Successful. These adjectives and more, have all been planted in front of the word ageing to express or define some of our contemporary, forward outlooks or models on how the process of ageing could be better lived. Sometimes words are flipped and we can be found to be successful or positive

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