Live & Work Longer: Great Expectations?

What IS the promise of longevity?

Opportunity or challenge, we face a future society where life expectancy is greater than at any time in world history. Aging demographics are of varying influence to economies around the world.
Change Rangers offers Presentations, Advisory & Research services on matters related to Aging Demographics, Longevity & Entrepreneurship in later life.

You are a business or community leader.

How will longevity matters influence the way your organization positions its service, product or policy to be more relevant to your market audience?

Change Rangers helps businesses and community based organizations get a better focus on marketing to segments of a Boomer + demographic.

You are an individual business professional.

How will your later life include “free agent” work or starting a business; and contribute to active aging as a response to “it’s no longer about retirement”?

Change Rangers helps individual business professionals reinvent their later life career as a “portfolio” of entrepreneurial activity.