Padua Fresco

What IS the promise of longevity?

Aging demographics are of varying influence to economies around the world. Opportunity or challenge, we face a future society where life expectancy is greater than at any time in human history.

How has your business adapted its positioning to meet the needs of a “longevity economy”?

Change Rangers offers insights and direction in two areas:

Business and Social Aspects of Aging Demographics

Working collaboratively with business and not-for-profit leaders to get a better focus on marketing to segments of a Boomer-plus demographic or develop an organizational strategy to be more relevant to meet the emergent needs and trends with this shift in demographics.

Entrepreneurship in Later Life

Advising 1:1, individual business professionals “leaving the corporate crow’s nest”, to reinvest their talent in later life and to design a “portfolio” of entrepreneurial activity to include “free agent” project work, starting a consultancy or other small business.

All this is accomplished through:

Presentations, Advisory & Research Projects

Photo above by Mark Venning “Icons of Longevity”
– Frescoes in Palazzo della Ragione, Padua